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Site of the Day | is a site which allows you to download an ultra useful and innovative tool that allows you to plug-in your affiliate accounts and select individual products from all merchants to sell on your sites.
For example, if you create a site selling fine handbags and you need to populate that site with items for sale, […]

Case Study | CYOA Landers - Part One

There are 30+ Blockbuster free trial offer affiliate landers on Google at any given time - Even I had one (it did poorly). Blockbuster was the hot offer of Q2 this year - everyone was launching a campaign around it. The offer paid out $32 - $52 per sign-up. While spying on competitors, I came […]

Site of the Day |

This site is a kick-ass concept - utilizing Google Map technology, it allows you to report on your neighbors as well as read comments left by others in the neighborhood. Now you finally have an outlet to vent about that dude two houses down who parks his 6 Chevettes in the middle of the cul-de-sac, […]

Costly Mistakes |

“They” say that some of the best educational dollars you can spend are sunk into failures - you can learn more from failed ventures than just about any other means. “They” are right - but it’s still frustrating (and expensive) as hell to fail with a product launch.
Take for example, - my partner Travis […]

Bobbing and Weaving a Google Slap

Well - more like Rope-a-Doping a Google Slap - you will get hit occasionally.
Those of you who have experience with launching a Google PPC campaign most likely have felt the sting of a Google Slap - the sinking feeling when you watch what should be .5 cent keywords turn into $.50 and $1.00 keywords […]

Time is God | Part One: Now Get Up!

I decided to craft my first blog post on the topic of time - which I believe, the management and leverage of is the key factor in the success or failure of an Internet Marketing career.
In fact, time is so relevant - I have planned a multi-part offering. So, look for future “time” related postings.
I […]