is a site which allows you to download an ultra useful and innovative tool that allows you to plug-in your affiliate accounts and select individual products from all merchants to sell on your sites.

For example, if you create a site selling fine handbags and you need to populate that site with items for sale, you can use Popshops to select a Prada handbag from one CJ merchant, a Gucci handbag from another CJ merchant, a Marc Jacobs handbag from a shareasale merchant - all with a drag and drop fully graphical interface which displays photos and descriptions of each product - very cool!

Description From Website: PopShops is the largest searchable collection of affiliate products (over 22 million and growing) that spans all of the major networks. With PopShops you can Pick, Click, and Pop products on to your website or blog in minutes (we refer to those product layouts as “shops”) .

Check out - they just added a Wordpress plug-in - nice!

blockbuster_lander.jpgThere are 30+ Blockbuster free trial offer affiliate landers on Google at any given time - Even I had one (it did poorly). Blockbuster was the hot offer of Q2 this year - everyone was launching a campaign around it. The offer paid out $32 - $52 per sign-up. While spying on competitors, I came across this stellar lander in late July and instantly got excited about the concept. This one set itself apart from the rest - I can’t say for certain of its’ earnings, but it was consistently on top of the ad pile.

The concept is simple yet brilliant - it’s what I dubbed the “Choose Your Own Adventure Lander” - and this is how it works:

The first page of the lander contains a simple call to action headline “Let us match you with the right online DVD rental plan” - this statement is fantastic because there’s no obvious sell - it seems like this site is going to provide the visitor with a service - a site that wants to help - nice!

Following the clever headline is the tag “This will only take 10 seconds!” - hey, this site wants to provide me with a service and will do it quickly - wonderful!

Finally, the click-through - “How many DVDs do you watch per month?” - alright! This site is going to find me a DVD rental plan that’s tailored to MY needs - DY-NO-MITE! - you’ve got the visitor hooked.

I got out my crayons so I can break it down for ya:


So - the visitor chooses the plan that works best for them - from there on it’s smoke and mirrors. A phony calculation page:


And a redirect to the Blockbuster Free 2 Week Trial $32.00 One Page CPA Offer - that’s right Virginia, any movie watching lifestyle you choose all go to same page:


Making it Work for Me

I LOVED the simple brilliance of this - you’re distracting the visitor from the sales pitch by offering them a service (well, faking that you’re offering a service). Not only are you distracting them, but you’re building likability too - the visitor is thinking “Hey, this site is here to help me” - the PERFECT storm for conversion.

So, I got to thinking about how this concept could be improved above - I immediately noticed that the site is a Quality Score nightmare. Almost zero text, no sub-pages, no movie or DVD relevance - to get those 5-cent clicks, there would have to be some work done to build a mini-site out of this idea.

I also noticed that the site looses control of the visitor after the first click - I set to develop a way to retain control throughout the entire process, even on the merchant page.

Finally, I didn’t think the site was interactive enough - what would happen if we led the visitor through 3-5 decisions instead of just one? - would we increase that likability and trust factor? - would we get their minds even further from the sale and distract them even more with a custom appeal?

First Test

I first attempted this concept with a site that was launched a couple of weeks earlier. It’s a site that we sell our own informational product on. We had four similar products for sale that sat on a single sales page (one of those loooooong ClickBank jokers) - I used the CYOA Lander approach to break up the four products into separate pages for each with an intro page that had a “lifestyle selection” - something like: What style of poker do you play most? (question) - Texas Hold’em, Short Hand, Heads Up, No Limit Hold’em (answers)

Within 24 hours sales increased by over 30% - visitors appreciated the custom direction and the tailored sales pages. Major success!

Overwhelming Evidence

If you haven’t gathered from my writing so far, I am a bit of a knucklehead - so, in true knucklehead fashion I put the CYOA Lander experiments on hold to work on other projects (which to my defense are fantastic projects) - I did nothing with the idea until mid-September when my affiliate manager from Azoogle alerted me to a great offer that screamed of a CYOA Lander approach.

I got into action and created a near perfect CYOA - a few questions to get the visitor in the mood to click around, mini-site with a couple of articles to help with QS and a design matching the merchant offer. The results were astounding!

$2,350.70 generated for ONE OFFER in ONE DAY! This was our biggest take from one offer in a day ever! All from the CYOA concept.cyoa-004.jpg


As you can see above we spent $997.83 in Google Adwords to drive the traffic (and and additional $75 with Yahoo) netting over $1,200! Wow - it REALLY works - and it keeps working. Of course we have amplified our efforts big time and have been doing numbers out of this world - in fact, we have a HUGE campaign on the horizon that is a variation of the CYOA Lander - I fully expect to break the one day record very soon.


I know - I know - you’re thinking “That’s cool and all RightStarter - we’re happy for you - but how can I get a piece of this action”. Well, I want you to get a piece too. The CYOA Lander concept can work for just about any product, offer, niche - I’m going to show you how to apply it in a real-time, real-world manner - Starting Friday, September 28th, I will be posting step-by-step directions and templates so you can apply this idea to your own campaigns.

I will also start a live campaign and share stats with you so you can get a better idea of how to implement and execute.

In the meantime, I highly recommend that you sign-up for a CPA program like Incent-a-Click, Copeac or Azoogle (my personal fav). This approach works best with leads based offers - Clickbank will work too, but I’m not a huge fan of selling ebooks so you’ll be on your own with Clickbank.




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There are 30+ Blockbuster free trial offer affiliate landers on Google at any given time - Even I had one (it did poorly). Blockbuster was the hot offer of Q2 this year - everyone was launching a campaign around it. The offer paid out $32 - $52 per sign-up. While spying on competitors, I came […]

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