FlavorI decided to craft my first blog post on the topic of time - which I believe, the management and leverage of is the key factor in the success or failure of an Internet Marketing career.

In fact, time is so relevant - I have planned a multi-part offering. So, look for future “time” related postings.

I don’t plan on getting all philosophical on you, the focus of RightStarter.com is to provide you with solid advice and examples of IM success - but, it’s important to realize that time can be your greatest ally or potentially your worst albatross. Lack of movement on an idea - being paralyzed by doubt - will kick your ass in this business. Don’t waste another moment procrastinating on your success… Now Get Up!

The Perfect Stall

A lot of new (and seasoned) IMers get so caught up in the research and design of a campaign that they leave no time for execution. If you spend your time painting emblems on your sail, your boat will never get out in the water.

It’s OKAY to launch your site and campaign without it being your perfect vision - there will always be opportunities to tweak and revise. In fact, even if you do launch your “perfect vision”, you will most likely have to tweak in order to accommodate conditions you didn’t factor.

Of course, you don’t want to launch anything that’s not in a condition to generate sales or conversions - that would be foolish - but, as long as the sales mechanism is in place (whether that’s a shopping cart, affiliate link or leads collection form) and you have enough sales copy to direct visitors to your call to action - PULL THE TRIGGER and get your boat in the cyberspace waters.

Here’s how I approach a project to avoid procrastinating a launch - this approach will get a site up and running within 10 hours:

  • 2 hours to research - do what you feel works best for you - exploring keywords, message board trolling, reading niche magazines, etc.
  • 3 hours to write sales copy - my favorite way to speed this process up is to “borrow” from campaigns that are working - don’t steal though - work off of successful concepts
  • 3 hours to design the site - using a html editor and a graphics editor gets easier and faster with time - templates and Wordpress speed this time up tremendously
  • 1 hour to compile a keyword list - keyword apps such as WordTracker or my favorite, Keyword Discovery make this step a breeze
  • 1 hour to launch a PPC campaign -writing PPC ads is easy when you”borrow” copy from another industry - if you’re selling trumpets, borrow copy from the top piano ad

There’s your boat and once you hit the PPC trigger, it’s in the water. Is it going to be the perfect campaign? - hellz no, there’s no such thing. Are you on your way to make cash? - hellz yes, if your research, copy and PPC campaign are decent.

Can you make your campaign near perfect? - yup - test test test - tweak tweak tweak - you now have all the time in the world to do that WHILE CASH IS FLOWING IN - and cash flow is what it’s all about.

After practice, this method becomes less and less a race against the clock - you’ll soon see that you can knock out a niche and 3 sub niche sites within the 10 hour period.

Summary: You cannot generate anything without a launch. There’s never a perfect campaign - so, there’s no reason holding back. Get your boat in the water THEN perfect it’s sailing. Now Get Up!