9th July 2007

Canadian Pharmacy

Canadian Pharmacy

Why pay such huge prices for pharmaceuticals?

When the causing factor for such a high price is not the actual cost of the pharmaceutical itself, mainly the role playing factors of the price are the funds spent on safe keeping
of the products, transportation, the distribution services of the pharmacy itself, etc.

We don’t maintain personal pharmacies, we don’t organize large stocking warehouses, we don’t offer large varieties of products, and we are located in Canada. This is why the prices
on our products are so inexpensive.

A whole 70% of our customers choose to stay with us and purchase our products over and over again. Join us and become a part of our valuable organization.

At this time we are announcing a tremendous sale, we will add an additional 20% on top of the product which you choose to order, according to the size of your order.

For example:
You purchase 100 pills, we will send you 20% on top of your entire order, you will receive a whole 120 pills, now you should see really how grate this deal is.

We welcome you to visit our marvelous Internet sight.


Best regards,
Canadian Pharmacy