Get a Business Cash
Advance F
$5,000 - $650,000

in 48 Hours - No Collateral
Just a simple 5 minute phone call and we are ready to fund your

The business cash advance process is nothing like a typical small business bank
the process is quick and you get the funds when you need it most!

Based on your future Visa, MasterCard, American Express,
Discover and Debit Card sales,
with no personal guarantee, no collateral, you can receive your funds in two
Spend the money for any of your needs, no proof of how the funds are spent

Q. How can I use the cash?
Any way that you want. We are only interested in your continued

Q. How does it work?
After you are approved and funded we get paid back with a small
fixed percentage of your future credit card receipts.

Q. How much cash can I get?
Up to $650,000 per location depending on your businesses credit card

Q. How soon can I get the money?
After completing the Application you can expect cash in as little as
48 hours.

If you have credit/debit card volume of; $5,000 or more per month you qualify.

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